Dear Friends and colleagues,

On October 25- 26, 2013, our third successful EMMECF congress was held in the impressive city of Dubai. With this opportunity I would like to thank the Emirates
Chiropractic Association and in particular its President Dr Mohammad Raslan and his executive but also the membership for supporting the congress. Thanks must also
be given to our dedicated lecturer Dr Mark Cherrett and thank him for his generosity. A big thank you to our four sponsors AECC, Advanced Radiology, Mediclinic, that
have shown confidence and supported our organization.

In every opportunity I have I always stress that for our profession to prosper and grow we need unity at all levels of the profession. At the national level we need all practicing chiropractors to join and thus strengthen the national association so when needed to talk to the government or in some cases to defend the profession we must have competent leadership and a well – organized national association to face the challenges. No individual can act alone and hope to achieve much. At the regional level the same applies. We need all national Associations to join and participate, pay their dues to support the organization whose role is to act as a supranational body to help the profession develop and support New Educational institutions, push for legislation, represent the profession regionally and internationally and most importantly when needed support the national associations. Here it is appropriate also to thank WFC, and especially its Secretary General David Chapman Smith, for his devotion
to the profession and continued assistance to EMMECF.

Another milestone for the EMMECF was the adoption of the 1st constitution and bylaws which was voted unanimously. Please be advised if you were not at the meeting that it was
also decided to hold elections at the next congress in 2014. Nominations will be accepted only from countries that have fully paid their dues. By holding the meeting in Dubai and good groundwork from ECA we have initiated contacts with local interested parties to start a chiropractic program in Dubai. This is a very promising development, which we are pursuing and will be further reported to you as things develop. It was agreed that the next EMMECF Congress will be hosted by the Turkish Chiropractic Association in the Historic City of Izmir in September 2014. Further details will be announced soon.

Dr Efstathios (Stathis) Papadopoulos, DC, FFEAC, FICC